mountain of nachos w/ fresh guac, cheddar and "Sauseome".
Mountain - Flowers of evil

Prepared by: Dave Snider
Wicked friggin spicy tempeh w/ carmelized onions, Queso fresco and roasted peppers & modelo.
Junior Kimbro - Most things haven't worked out

Prepared by: Dave Snider
vegetarian chorizo with hominy and Tamales with chipoteles and capers
the Skids - {Scared to Dance}
Prepared by Nic Gusset


Gluten Free Eggless Fruitcake/pudding featuring candied Buddha's Hand Citron and brandy
the Pixies - {various}
Prepared by Nic Gusset
Half Mac & Cheese
Half Japanese - Hot
Prepared by Nic Gusset


Blackened Black Cod with Balsamic seared Scallops, sesame rustic tarts, and black beans n' rice.
Black Mountain - Black Mountain

Prepared by: Dave Snider


Black Cherry pork tenderloin with garbanzo indian salad.
Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay

Prepared by: Dave Snider
3 cheese Penne Pasta with a salad.
Dream Syndicate - Medicine Show

Prepared by: Dan Jones


Baked black bean goat cheese tortas with incredible Zin.
wow & flutter - Equilibrio'

Prepared by: Dave and Tami


sauteed chicken in white wine with red peppers and zucchini, baked polenta with smoked mozzarella, tomato basil sauce, green beans.
Hank Williams - Greatest Hits

Prepared by: Barb Barnard


Baked Polenta with Tomato garbanzo sauce and three cheeses.
Killdozer - Little Baby Buntin'

Prepared by: Dan Jones
Yukon Gold potato soup with pureed bacon-wrapped BBQ leeks.
Red Fang - S/T

Prepared by: Dan Jones